Work is play and play is work….

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I don’t remember where I found this. I remember saving it to my computer and thinking to myself that this, in my mind, is how I want to live. This is so inspiring to me that it has motivated me to get organized (somewhat) and start selling my creations. I hope it inspires you in some way!


The way it is when your work is your play and your play is your work. Your life is all yours and you have no one to answer to or hide behind but yourself and you are free to go just as far and just as fast as your native talents and energies and desires will allow. Which is a whole lot more satisfying than having your existence busted up by the “experts” into little chunks, neatly packaged in airtight boxes labeled “work” and “play” and then fed back to you piecemeal at some federally mandated pace.

And that most of us now sit around vacantly watching garbage on the boob tube each evening, instead of laughing and talking to each other while we knit our own sweaters and whittle our own art objects…and that very few of us now make our work our play and our play our work…and that only a handful of us even understand the inner workings of a car or tractor (let alone are capable of building one that is better than any you can buy, using only simple hand tools)…and that most of us now spend our days doing what we are told, instead of what our souls cry out for us to do…

Author Unknown

<3 EMarie

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