Dream Catchers

Good evening my lovelies!

Here is a look at my latest creation. This dream catcher was made
for a friend of mine. He loves the ocean. I had made one for him
just like this last year, but sadly hurricane Ike blew his home away and it was in it. 🙁 He loved it so much, so I made him another at his request!

This little one here is for a little girl.
The same friend that I made the Star
Fish dream catcher for wanted this one
for his girlfriend’s little girl. She’s 5 years
old and loves fairies! This one was lots of
fun and my first small scale dream catcher.

I love to make dream catchers! I make them to sell and will do
custom work. The custom dream catchers are always the most
fun to do. If you want a dream catcher and have an idea for
something custom, send me an email and I will whip something
up for you!


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