New resin goodies!

Hello my lovelies!

Here’s a few pictures of my new resin pieces I
am working on. These little orbs will be attached
to some barrettes. I have other colors too, but
you will have to wait to see those!

These will eventually be pendants.
Some of them didn’t come out very well,
but that’s how it goes with resin. You
win some, you lose some. The colors
that you see here are not accurate,
I was just really eager to get a picture
to show you what I have been working on.
Some of these will be spoken for,
I promised some of these in a trade.
I don’t know which one’s she will pick.

And this little jewel almost came out perfect.
The thing I did wrong was use paper stickers
and not seal them. Any paper you try to embed into resin will absorb the resin unless you seal it with some modge podge or any other type of glue that dries clear. 🙁 If you look closely at the fish, you can see what kind of looks like water spots, that’s where the resin absorbed into the stickers.

This is all for now ladies and germs!
Thanks for looking!

<3 EMarie

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