New this week!

Hello Lovelies!

Boy has it been a crazy week! We had a minute leak from a pipe in the wall of our laundry room. We ended up tearing a huge strip of drywall out to see it, and tearing up the carpet on the stairs to get to the spot to fix it. But it’s fixed now!

We also purchased a new car this weekend to get ready for baby. My New Beetle was becoming a money pit, so we had to get something more reliable and something that has more room. We bought a VW TDI Jetta Sport Wagen, and it’s a gorgeous RED! I am in love with it! It already needs a bath, it’s starting to get dirty. 🙁

I was able to post some more goodies on my Artfire page. Http:// Please stop in to check it out! I hope to be able to finish working on the pieces in my previous post sometime this weekend. Then whatever doesn’t get claimed, I will post that up too! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

TaTa for now!


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