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Hello my lovely followers!

I have been super busy this past month! We have been getting Baby Morgan’s room ready for her arrival in late November. She’s doing well, as am I. Kicking up a storm! We have her room painted, and now we will be getting carpet installed very soon. 🙂 I have a few things that I have been working on that I need to get posted. I have stained some wooden letters spelling Morgan. I am working on making some clay birds to display in her room. Her bedding is bird themed, and I haven’t been able to find any reasonably priced and cute bird figurines; so I decided to make my own! Here is a picture of the bedding:

The birds are cute and stylized. I will also be working on some paintings to hang above her crib; those will also be similar to the birds in the bedding. 🙂 I just have lots to do! I will take some pictures of the stuff I am currently working on and have finished and get that up this weekend. Thanks for visiting!


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