Becoming a Mom

Hello Lovelies!

On the day that Morgan Monster was born, life no longer was just about me. Life became richer, more vibrant and more meaningful. That is why EMarieDesigns blog is no longer just about me. I am turning my blog into a real life account of motherhood. Life is meant to be “Designed”, right? We as humans have the ability to design our own lives, for the most part. There are things that happen that are out of our control, but it’s how we live with these happenings that help us to “Design” our lives. My inspiration now comes from places that I never knew existed until I became a mom. So from now on, here, I will share with you my victories, wisdom and daily adventures! I hope that my stories will inspire you, make you laugh and make you love life even more!

<3 EMarie

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2 Responses to Becoming a Mom

  1. Pink Haired Momma says:

    YEA!!! Welcome to the motherhood blogging! I think you will have quite the "design" of life to read about!! Looking forward to it!

  2. E Momma says:

    Thanks! Now lets see if I can keep up with it consistently! I'm currently doing an redesign. 🙂

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