Hello lovelies!
Well, this week has been a bit of a rough one so far. The past few nights Morgan has only wanted to sleep on me, all night. We are not to the point where we are going to be doing crib training yet. I am currently sleeping with her bedding pieces so we can start that soon. With the room being so new, I think she has trouble being comfortable in there. I will update once crib training starts. We’ll see if sleeping with her bedding is going to pay off.
She tried peas for the first time last night and she loved them! I have sweet potatoes, pears and peaches to give to her in due time. I’m going to stick with peas for a few more nights and see how she does.
All in all, parenting has it’s mountains to climb and it’s wonderful special moments. The special moments far outweigh the mountains. The smiles and the laughter that is starting to show up in Morgan’s personality is priceless. I have grown into a better person. I’ve gained patience and I definitely see the future in a whole different way. So here’s to all the hard working parents out there, I raise a glass to you! A toast to all that you do!

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