Learning your baby

As a new mom, you never really know what you are getting with your new bundle of joy. They could be calm, colic, active, alert, not so active, sleepy, cranky, happy. The list goes on! No matter what type of baby you have, you have to “learn” your baby.

When you first bring baby home, some parents are terrified, excited, nervous, happy, depressed and proud, to name a few emotions. The first few months are all about learning. Learning what your baby’s cries mean, your baby’s temperament, habits, comforts and dislikes. YES even a 2 month old has dislikes, atleast mine did!

I have had 4 months of learning so far. And I must say, I’ve been an attentive pupil of baby learning. So far I have found out that  Morgan LOVES to stand, gripe, loves things that light up, loves the baby channel (and some other channels we watch), LOVES bath time, finally sleeps in her crib (figured out she was gassy), is the star of the show when we go places, loves breastfeeding, hates when I trim her nails, doesn’t like to change clothes, has diaper explosions daily, loves to stomp, loves to gnaw on our fingers, has discovered the mirror and loves it too. She’s been a pretty easy going baby so far. Since “learning” her a bit more, life has become, well, easier! When I learn and figure out something new, it’s like cracking a code! It feels awesome!

Oh, but the learning doesn’t stop here. No matter how old they will get, they will still be your baby. There’s years and years of learning to be done, well into adulthood. So Happy Baby Learning to all you parents out there! It’s a gratifying, satisfying, frustrating and humbling adventure!

<3 EMarie

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