April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s hard to believe we are already half way done with April. Easter festivities are done and now it’s almost Mother’s Day! We’ve had a lot of rain here this month, and we are said to be getting more tonight through the next few days. I do love this time of year when everything rapidly turns green and flowers burst out from everywhere and their fragrant smells being carried in the winds. And then there’s the smell of fresh cut grass and the scent of charcoal burning from bbq grills floating through the air. And I can’t help but listen to the melodious music of the birds sitting high up in the shade of the trees.

Spring Time

Domestic life has been nothing short of adventurous! While Spring was busy developing into it’s wonderful splendour we’ve been working on developing our website. It’s been live 2 days short of a week now and we’re learning new things about e-commerce everyday! My nearly 2 1/2 year old daughter is growing in leaps and bounds. She loves it outside, and with the weather as nice as it is lately, I don’t mind either! Homeschooling has been small projects here and there, as long as I can keep her interested! Hubby is a natural at all things computer related. If he doesn’t know, he’ll figure it out! He’s been amazing with the web development of the site, as well as all the other aspects that go along with having your own site.

That’s what’s been up with us, in a nutshell! I hope you have been enjoying Spring Time as much as we have been!

And if you are looking to get in some early Mother’s Day shopping, stop on in the store, there’s a lot of beautiful handmade jewelry for all the Moms you may know!

<3 EMarie

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