Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. The day just for Mom’s to celebrate Motherhood. Since becoming a stay at home Mom, I’ve learned a lot about myself and motherhood. There’s a quote I’ve seen here and there, and it says, “Motherhood, the hardest job you’ll ever love.” And this quote rings true to me every day! Motherhood is a complicated relationship, an awesome responsibility and very rewarding. From calming a tantrum, kissing bo-bo’s and playing hide and seek, I’m enjoying Motherhood. Even though some days get tough, I have to remember that it’s all for her!

So in honor of Mother’s Day, we are offering Free Shipping on ALL ORDERS until May 11th. We have a lot of beautiful handmade jewelry that all Mom’s and Grandmother’s will love!

Mother's Day Coupon MOMSDAY12

Happy Shopping!

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