Crocheting Madness

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I’ve had a lot going on! New website, more inventory, new beads and I’ve been making new things. 🙂

I’ve started crocheting again, with a vengeance! I’m making bows. Hairbows, headbands with bows and bow necklaces. And I will also be making Brooches with my bows as well so keep an eye out for those! All of these would make wonderful gifts for Christmas or buy some for yourself to accessorise your holiday outfits! Visit my Facebook page to see the bow goodies I’ve been creating and to see new things I come up with! My crocheted creations are for sale. They are not on my site so you will have to email/message on Facebook to order.

I’ve really been enjoying crocheting these. They work up fairly quickly and neatly. I also crocheted a moustache and fashioned it into a necklace too!
These are so much fun! I’ve made the chain long enough to loop over your ears to wear the moustache! Since it is Movember, I had to make these for Prostate cancer awareness month.
I’ve also been practicing making crocheted flowers, but I’ll save that for another post. Oh, and go check out my Specials page for some cool deals! So that is all till next time! Thanks for reading and go check out my creations on Facebook and my Specials page!

<3 EMarie

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