I’m happiest when I create things

I ALWAYS feel happier when I get a chance to sit down and create something; anything. It can be something crocheted or even making a meal from scratch, I love being creative. If there’s a week or so that I haven’t done something creative, I can tell, I just don’t feel like myself. I get slightly irritable and restless. Plus once I’ve begun with a creative idea, it’s hard for me to let it go. I become obsessed with it.

There hasn’t been a day in my life that I haven’t felt the urge to be creative. It began in childhood. I can remember making friendship bracelets as a kid and I was always drawn to the little craft kits in those plastic cases. I also fondly remember going over to an awesome childhood friend’s house and we would hang out in her room and make flip book animations and practice drawing Disney characters. I went to Disney World and saw their animation process and was in awe as a young child! I was into art all through school and especially in high school, where I also joined the flag corps and learned interpretive art through flipping and flinging flags, wooden rifles and metal “sabres” in the air (this was the best part of my high school experience, aside from meeting my hubby of course!).


Photo Credit: Kim Hermanson

About a year and a half ago I began my crocheting adventure. My mom showed me the basic stitch some time before that and I finally sat down with a book and began to learn as much as I could. Free time was limited, having a toddler running around was keeping me busy. 🙂 But I was determined to learn to crochet! I made lot’s of mistakes. My stitches, in the early stages, were WAY to tight. Everything I did came out lopsided or floppy, nothing looked square and nothing would lay flat! But I kept on trying, you won’t truly learn the art if mistakes aren’t made (same goes with anything in life).

In my crafting adventures I’ve learned to crochet, pour resin (I really loved doing this), make scrabble tile pendants with scrap book paper, learned the basics of polymer clay, mastered jewelry making with beads and findings, made wire jewelry, learned to sew a few things (and mend clothes ;)), paint paintings, draw/sketch and I learned to make dream-catchers. I know I’m forgetting something! But I did all of this, ON MY OWN. The internet is a wonderful resource! I feel as if creating is something I HAVE TO DO. If I don’t, I just don’t feel right….

What have you created lately?

<3 EMarie

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