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Today I begin my blogging adventure, again. I have been really lacking in this aspect of my brand building and I am going to try to change it. So I’m going to just do a get to know how I began making jewelry post. So, here goes.

I believe it was 2003 when I really started to dabble in making jewelry. I had made friendship bracelets and the like when I was a kid, but I didn’t actually start creating beaded jewelry until I was about 25. I am now 32, almost 33. I thought it was fun hobby and I made stuff for friends and family sometimes. I opened up an Artfire shop when they were still in beta and was able to present my wares to the world. I made beaded jewelry, scrabble tile jewelry and even started learning to pour resin and make wearable pieces. Let me just say that resin is so much fun! I do not have the proper space to do resin at the moment but I hope to pick it back up one day. When word got out that I made jewelry at my job, my co-workers wanted to place orders for custom work, I was stoked! I made my first sale ever at my most favorite job that I ever had to one of the awesome ladies that I worked with. She’s the one that inspired me to continue and made me feel like what I was making was amazing. If she reads this, I want to publicly thank her, she helped me to continue becoming and working towards all that I do. To this day, when I am creating custom pieces, I think back to that moment and how it made me feel and it keeps me motivated to continue creating. There’s no greater feeling in my honest opinion when someone looks at something that I created and it makes them happy. I kept at it for a few years and most of my small income came from creating custom pieces, which paid for my supplies and I was happy with that!

Fast forward a little bit to 2009 when I had my daughter. That was a busy time and I didn’t have much time (actually almost zero) to create much. Oh but the itch was still there! I was patient, even though to my husband I seemed grumpy at times, that I couldn’t create much jewelry. I still get that way when grown up things pull me away from my creative work. But, I have learned to roll with the punches. I became a stay at home mom at the end of 2010 when I was laid off from my awesome job. It was bitter sweet, I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but I also loved my job. It was a blessing in disguise. So in between doing activities with my daughter and being a domestic engineer, I tried to create and learn new jewelry techniques. It was a very slow process! The older my daughter got, the more she got into and wanted to do, so I took long, painful breaks from jewelry making. But in 2012 I purchased my domain, created my logo and my page layout, photographed my wares and launched my site, with LOTS of help from hubby! He’s so supportive of me with my jewelry making, I love him to the moon and back for all that he has done to help me! So was launched in APRIL 2012. Then we decided to move. Out of Texas. To Missouri! 🙂 So I had to stop creating and pack. It was a long 660 mile haul to Missouri.

Now in Missouri, we lived with an aunt and uncle for about 11 months. So grateful they invited us into their home! 🙂 As soon as I could I began creating again, by teaching myself to crochet. I did not have a dedicated work space so I worked from my boxes and bins of supplies. I would crochet scarves and wash cloths and decided to implement my new found skill into jewelry making! Thus, my crochet pendant was born. I also had orders from my aunt’s co-workers from time to time. I hungrily took these orders, eager to sell my creations again. I also started selling beads and jewelry making supplies during this time.

After about 11 months, we moved into a 42 foot bumper pull RV and that is where we live still, all three of us, and our three cats, and our dog. I am currently working at our “kitchen” table and have my supplies (somewhat) tidily tucked under it in (kinda) organized bins. And when it comes time to photograph my jewelry, it’s all done on the same table. Everything has to be put away as soon as I am done due to lack of space, but I still manage to get it done, slowly. Through all of my challenges of lack of space the last 4 years, I still remain determined to create SOMETHING when I can. I was even making jewelry on our bed at one point, I wasn’t going to give up something that I absolutely love to do. Somehow, I have made it work. I recently started creating wirework pendands, wirework rings and wire wrapped stones, I have more stones just waiting to become beautiful pendants! I received lots of orders for my wirewrapped pendants during the holidays, and have received orders for custom wirework rings this past week. There’s an ebb and flow of things that I have come to work with, and around when trying to find time to sit and create. With my daughter in school there’s school functions and parties and the dreaded times when she comes home sick from catching a bug at school. But I still perservere, because making jewelry is what I feel I am meant to do. It’s my therapy, I MUST create something, even if no one ever sees it.

It is through these various challenges that my family has encountered that I have learned to be patient and to be resilient. We are saving up for a house with land somewhere near here, Miller, MO. And while living on our relatives 65 acres, we are teaching our daughter how to grow our own food, hunt for our food and allowing her to nurture a love for nature’s wonders. This has become and is becoming the best adventure I could have imagined, challenges and all. Life is good 🙂

I hope I have inspired you to keep doing what ever it is that you love to do, no matter what. Keep learning, loving and most of all, living!


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