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I’m happiest when I create things

I ALWAYS feel happier when I get a chance to sit down and create something; anything. It can be something crocheted or even making a meal from scratch, I love being creative. If there’s a week or so that I … Continue reading

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s hard to believe we are already half way done with April. Easter festivities are done and now it’s almost Mother’s Day! We’ve had a lot of rain here this month, and we are said to be getting more tonight … Continue reading

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Time Flies

Hello Lovelies! Sorry it has been FOREVER since I last posted. Alot has been going on. I got rear ended sitting at a red light, not serious, just a little bump. I’m going to get a new bumper next week. … Continue reading

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Reviving yourself

I’m just in the midst of coming out of some strange funk. I can’t explain it really. I just found myself in this state of mind one day and didn’t really feel like myself. Have you ever experienced this? It’s … Continue reading

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Learning your baby

As a new mom, you never really know what you are getting with your new bundle of joy. They could be calm, colic, active, alert, not so active, sleepy, cranky, happy. The list goes on! No matter what type of … Continue reading

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Ever wonder why we are here and what our mission is? I have always had this feeling, deep down, that we are all here for a reason. If only we had an answer to that aged old question. But then … Continue reading

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Becoming a Mom

Hello Lovelies! On the day that Morgan Monster was born, life no longer was just about me. Life became richer, more vibrant and more meaningful. That is why EMarieDesigns blog is no longer just about me. I am turning my … Continue reading

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Work is play and play is work….

Hello friends! I don’t remember where I found this. I remember saving it to my computer and thinking to myself that this, in my mind, is how I want to live. This is so inspiring to me that it has … Continue reading

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